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Texas Business Report: Amazon to Tax Texans

The giant of internet retail will start collecting taxes on Texas purchases in July, and has promised Comptroller Susan Combs it will make $200 million in capital investments in the state.

Texas Business Report: Austin Gets a Med School

The University of Texas Board of Regents approved plans for a medical school in the city, which could generate up to $2 billion for the local economy.

Texas Business Report: Texas Ranchers Again Investing in Cattle

With demand for beef high and herd sizes still low, ranchers are looking to buy more cows.

Texas Business Report: Penney’s Performs Poorly

In addition to announcing a $163 million first-quarter loss this week, the ailing retailer, which has recently tried to reinvent itself, will no longer pay quarterly dividends. 

Texas Business Report: Low Natural Gas Prices Hurt Chesapeake Energy

Chesapeake Energy put 57,000 acres of crude oil and liquid natural gas fields in the Woodbine Sand area up for sale this week.

Texas Business Report: Orthofix Settles Medicare Fraud Case

The Lewisville-based company agreed to pay $42 million for accepting “overpayments by federal programs,” U.S. Airways dances the acquisition tango with  American, and more Texas business news. 

Texas Business Report: Frito-Lay Focuses on Fancy Snacks

The Plano-based company will be adopting a “1 percent-99 percent strategy” by emphasizing both high-end products, like Stacy’s Pita Chips, and “value” items, like Cracker Jack.

Texas Business Report: State Regulator Raises Energy Prices

The Texas Public Utility Commission decided Thursday to raise the price of wholesale energy by 50 percent.

The Week in Business: Health Care in Texas Lags Behind Other States

Texas came in last place for health care delivery in a new federal study.

Texas Business Report: Protect the Air, Judge Says

A Texas judge has decreed that the atmosphere and air are a “public trust,” just like water.

Texas Business Report: Small Bank in Big Spring Takes On Dodd-Frank Law

The State National Bank of Big Spring claims that the controversial law is unconstitutional.

Texas Business Report: Fracking Dealt Major Blow

A University of Texas study found that natural gas drilling may have led to seventy earthquakes in the Barnett Shale region.

Downtown Austin's Construction Boom

The New York Times took note of the dozens of hotel, retail, office, and residential projects underway in downtown Austin.

Samsung Pumps $4B into Austin Plant

The technology giant’s investment is “the largest in size to be made by a foreign company in Texas.”

Texas Business Report: Hurricane Isaac Could Set Oil Companies Back $1 Billion

 “Damage to fixed, floating and underwater assets” including offshore platforms and pipelines could shut down 95 percent of production in the Gulf.