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Texas Business Report: Beer Brewers Bristle Over Bills

Proposed legislation would limit microbreweries' ability to distribute their product.

Texas Business Report: Four Texas Cities Considered for 2024 Olympics

Plus, floundering J.C. Penney hired Sergio Zyman, the man who introduced one of Coca-Cola’s most successful products (Diet Coke)—and one of its least successful (New Coke).

Texas Business Report: What the American-US Airways Merger Means

Some analysts predict the deal could be bad news for leisure travelers, especially those in smaller markets.

Texas Business Report: Film Fund May Be Slashed

Tightening the budget means the Lege may reduce film incentive spending by nearly $30 million, a decision that could end up costing millions in economic impact.

Texas Business Report: Mark Cuban’s Legal Woes

The Dallas Mavericks owner is back in federal court this month, hoping to get an insider-trading lawsuit against him thrown out.

Texas Business Report: Dell May Go Private

The company’s stocks shot up thirteen percent on news that CEO Michael Dell might work with private investors to buyout shareholders.

Texas Business Report: Google Invests $200M in Panhandle Wind Farm

The Spinning Spur Wind Project generates enough electricity to power more than 60,000 homes.

Texas Business Report: Prison Phone Calls Break the Bank

Thanks to a near monopoly on inmate calling services. Plus: shipping strikes, SeaWorld’s IPO, and stalled stem cell therapy.

Texas Business Report: Could Electric Cars Crash the Grid?

According to the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, the state’s struggling power system would likely support even a widespread adoption of the vehicles. 

Texas Business Report: What the Fiscal Cliff Could Mean for NASA

If the slate of federal budget cuts goes into effect on January 2, NASA’s budget will be slashed by 8.2 percent, and some 5,600 jobs could be lost at Johnson Space Center.

Texas Business Report: Texas Instruments to Lose 1,700 Jobs

And Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson will get a $4.59 million bonus. 

Texas Business Report: Austin Tries to Woo Visa to City

Visa would create nearly 800 jobs in Austin over 10 years.

Texas Business Report: BP to Shell Out $4.5B to the Feds

The energy giant agreed to pay the Department of Justice and the SEC the hefty sum to settle the criminal cases associated with the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. 

Texas Business Report: The Rockets Get Into the ‘Moneyball’ Game

The basketball team’s general manager plans to hire two statistical analysts to help build a winning team around Jeremy Lin.