Robert Bryce


One Tough Bird

After rescuing hundreds of birds from horrible deaths, a Midland woman has finally gained an ally in her war on open oil pits.

More Precious Than Oil

Pipeline leaks, unplugged wells, toxic drilling materials, and a virtually unregulated oil industry are leaving a legacy of polluted groundwater.

Road Warriors

Texans used to litter like crazy; now the state’s get-tough-on-trash policy is cleaning up their act.

All’s Well?

Candelaria’s only well supplied free water to all until the EPA weighed in.

A Natural Phenomenon

A Hill Country ecobusiness discovers that green is also the color of money.

Bad Air Days

Pollution from Mexico is already plaguing West Texas—and it’s only going to get worse.

War, Inc.

Brown and Root goes to Bosnia for the Pentagon—and cleans up.

Bombers Away

The B-1 bomber costs too much and does too little—so who wants to keep it alive? The people of Abilene, whose economy could take a direct hit if the Pentagon pulls the trigger.

Cattle Call

The Federal Express of the cattle business.

Merchant of Death

By pooh-poohing sentimentality and focusing on profits, Houston funeral home mogul Robert Waltrip is making a killing.

Trash Talk

Why the citizens of Alvin are down in the dumps over garbage.


The Barton Springs salamander goes to court.

War Rooms

A massive buildup for Texas Tech University’s Vietnam archive.

Waste City

Hold your nose and open your wallet: Why the business of garbage is good for Houston.