Ross Dubois


Single Ladies in Texas Get Their Pickings

Three of the Top Ten cities for single women are in Texas, according to an online study.

Dallas-based Ad Agency Scores Big On Super Bowl Sunday

The Richards Group aimed right for the heartland with a Paul Harvey "So God Made a Farmer" montage.

License to Thrill

Texas considers requiring strippers to be certified.

Teachers, Protect Yourselves

State legislators propose a bill that would allow communities to raise taxes in order to fund the school security measures they prefer.

How Texas Tackles Gun Control

State politicians propose solutions ranging from arming teachers to praying for protection.

Wanted: Sugar Daddy To Pay Tuition

Texas co-eds are seeking additional daddies to pay down debt

Meet Dallas’s Hip-Hop Cop, ‘Lucille Baller’

“You see this bullet right here, I’ll stick it from they rooter to the tooter,” raps Lt. Regina Smith, now suspended. 

‘Science’ Proves Bigfoot Is Real

A Texas scientist purports to have sequenced Sasquatch DNA

Deer Attacks Men, Eats Marlboros

Disgruntled east Texas deer turns hunters into hunted.

Republican Hotties

Three Texas cities have a ton of ‘em, according to an internet dating site.

Austin Cancels Gay Penguin Play

Play about two male penguins raising a chick not allowed in the district’s elementary schools.  

Texas Executes Thirteenth Man of 2012

Mario Swain, convicted of the murder of a Longview woman, had a history of stalking and assault.

Texan Tweens Turning Heads In Adult Endurance Athletics

Meet the two preteen sisters from Alvin who compete against, and beat, adult runners.

New Astros Logo a Blast From the Past?

Rumors have been swirling about the new Astros logo, set to be officially revealed tomorrow. Here’s a look at the team’s style through the years

Yard Sign Vandalism Rampant As Election Looms

With less than two weeks until the general election, signs in Lubbock and Beaumont have been defaced and stolen.