Scott Lubeck


Move Over, Nancy Drew

Now young, adventuresses can do more than just read about excitement. A new computer game for girls requires them to use their wits for survival.

Scrolling Through the Bible

The Word Processor reveals the wisdom of the Good Book with a few keystrokes.

‘Twas the Night After Christmas

And all through the house, every modem was stirring, and so was the mouse.

Terminal Education

Most educational software relies on the same old rote drills and other negative techniques—only now kids get nuked for missing a math problem.

A Byte of Life

The Flight Simulator and Heroism in the Modern Age are realistic new computer games that offer a wonderful mix of fantasy and reality; Free Enterprise is too simplistic to be much fun.

Look, Ma, My Computer Did It!

See the future on your computer: software on stocks, football, and astrology.

Programming Your Taxes

The first in a series of software reviews looks at tax-preparation packages.