Shiraz Ahmed


Man Carves Pentagram into 6-year-old Son’s Back

The Richland Hills man claimed he did it because Wednesday (12/12/12) was “a holy day.” 

Those Creepy Phone Pics You Took Might Have Been Immortalized in Print

A New York artist bought a bunch of old phones from a Sugar Land man and published a book packed with the pictures and texts he found in them.

Matthew McConaughey Talks Strip Clubs, Thongs, and Weight Loss

The Magic Mike star reflects on his role the run-up to the Academy Awards.

Can Schools Require Students to Wear Tracking Chips?

In San Antonio, they already are. When a student protested that the RFID chips violated her right to privacy and threatened religious freedom, the school suspended her.

Formula 1 Attracts Ire of Westboro Baptist Church

Members of the Kansas-based church plan to “kindly warn” F1 fans to flee God’s wrath.