Skip Hollandsworth

Before joining the Texas Monthly staff, in 1989, executive editor Skip Hollandsworth worked as a reporter and columnist in Dallas and as a television producer and documentary filmmaker. During his tenure with the magazine, he has received several journalism awards, including a National Headliners Award, the national John Hancock Award for Excellence in Business and Financial Journalism, the City and Regional Magazine gold award for feature writing, and the Texas Institute of Letters O. Henry Award for magazine writing.

He has been a finalist four times for a National Magazine Award, the magazine industry’s equivalent of the Pulitzer Prize, and in 2010 he won the National Magazine Award in feature writing for “Still Life,” his story about a young man who, after suffering a crippling football injury in high school, spent the next 33 years in his bedroom, unable to move. The 2011 movie Bernie, which Hollandsworth co-wrote with Richard Linklater, is based on his January 1998 story, “Midnight in the Garden of East Texas.”


“No One Knows What Could Be Happening to Those Kids”

When you’re underpaid, inexperienced, and overloaded with files detailing allegations of child abuse, there is a limit to how well you can do your job. Eight months in the life of an investigative team in the Travis County office of Child Protective Services.

Has Dominique Moceanu Flipped?

Three years after her Olympic glory, the gymnast is once again in competition—only this time, it’s with her parents.

The Real Troy Aikman

His dreams. His fears. The truth about his love life. A candid chat with Texas’ most misunderstood sports hero.

Home Away From Home?

Texas’ largest nursing home chain says it provides a “better place to live” for more than six thousand elderly men and women. State investigators tell a much different story.

BUSINESS • Thomas O. Hicks

Hello, good buy.

When We Were Kings

For the first time in its history, the world-famous King Ranch is being run by someone other than a descendant of its founder. Can the mythic institution survive a changing of the guard?

Hut, Hut, Yikes!

If the Dallas Cowboys thought last season was unpleasant, wait until they open training camp in Wichita Falls.

Honor Thy Father

In suburban Fort Worth the frail psyche of a football prodigy collided with the crazed ambition of his dad, who himself had been a high school football star way back when. The consequences were deadly.

Oh, Brother

A River Oaks bookie is tried for murder.

The Starlet—Sandra Bullock

Speeding toward her new life in Austin.

Miller Time

After years of attacking members of the Dallas City Council, journalist Laura Miller wants to be one.

Drag Time

The greatest Tuna of all.

How the West Was Won Over

The verdict is in: Oprah loves Texas—and Texas loves Oprah. The queen of daytime talk swept into the Panhandle, turned the tide of public opinion, and had courtroom watchers asking, Where’s the beef?

Midnight in the Garden of East Texas

In sleepy Carthage a rich, haughty widow disappears, and nobody seems to notice. When she turns up dead, everybody seems to feel sympathy for the nice young man who killed her.

King Lear Jet

The feud between billionaire Harold Simmons and his daughters is worthy of Shakespeare.