Sonia Smith

Sonia Smith, a native of Houston, is a graduate of Georgetown University. She has reported on convict cowboys at the Angola Prison Rodeo, celebrity magazines in Moscow, and aerial hog hunting in Knox City, Texas. She has also written for Slate, the Associated Press, the Baton Rouge Advocate, the Kyiv Post, and the Dallas Morning News and was a finalist for the 2008 Livingston Awards for Young Journalists. Her great-great-grandfather was a Texas Ranger in Kerr County in the 1870’s.


An Exclusive Track from Balmorhea’s New Album, ‘Stranger’

An exclusive preview of Balmorhea’s song “Masollan,” plus an interview with band co-founder Rob Lowe. 

Another Day, Another Controversial Proclamation from Louie Gohmert

The Tyler congressman took to the floor of the house to declare that President Barack Obama’s Middle East policies have brought about the “massive beginning of a new Ottoman Empire.”

North Austin Homeowner Takes Down Hanging Empty Chair

The Internet reacts to last week’s “chair lynching” in North Austin.

The Houston Mayor’s Office Shows You How to Spot an IED

The video, targeted at first responders and those who work in the service industry, instructs people on how to spot suicide bombers. 

Texas Executes Ninth Person of 2012

The U.S. Supreme Court, which had stayed Cleve Foster’s execution three times in the last year, declined to intervene Tuesday.

Turtle Thursday: Five Photos of the Houston Zoo’s New Hatchlings

Earlier this month, zoo officials found Madagascar Bigheaded turtle hatchlings in the zoo’s lemur exhibit. 

Which of These Men Will Be the Next Ron Paul?

The fight between Nick Lampson and Randy Weber to represent Congressional District 14 could be one of the few competitive races in the state this election cycle.

Austin Becomes First City in Texas to Formally Support Gay Marriage

Austin’s city council unanimously passed a resolution supporting marriage equality Thursday morning.

Dallas’s “Elegant” and “Graceful” Museum Tower Would Like to Apologize For Being So Shiny

The owners of Museum Tower took out a full-page ad in the Dallas Morning News Friday to (sort of) apologize that the new building is so shiny. 

Crime and Publishing

Inside the darkly humorous world of the Lufkin Daily News police blotter.

Plague of Crickets Stink Up Waco

Thousands of bug carcasses are smelling up local businesses.

Allen Stanford's Personal Items Up for Auction

The Ponzi schemer’s personal effects, brought in from his St. Croix residence, fill some 10,000 square feet of a warehouse.

Video Emerges of Missing Houston Journalist Austin Tice

Last week, video surfaced on YouTube of the 31-year-old Georgetown Law student and freelance journalist, missing in Syria since August 13.

T. Boone and Madeleine Pickens’ Super Sad True Divorce Story

The couple is splitting after seven years of marriage. 

Russian Agents Operating in Houston?

The FBI arrested eight people in Houston Wednesday and accused them of exporting sophisticated microelectronics to the Russian military and intelligence services.