Spike Gillespie


Give Me an A!

I pulled more all-nighters writing other people’s papers than I did my own.

Cool Hand Lukas

Austinite Lukas Haas is back on the big screen alongside Winona Ryder, Julia Roberts, and Jack Nicholson. For now, though, he isn’t letting Hollywood go to his head.


In an era of AIDS and family values, who’s crazy enough to have a tattoo? Some twenty million Americans, including sports stars, Academy award winners, the CEO of Nike, a Republican Secretary of State—and me.

Pup Culture

Thanks to his penchant for classic literature, Wishbone is the new top dog in kids’ entertainment.


Poetry slammers descend on Austin.

Fame of Hall

You might not recognize actress Irma P. Hall on the street, but you know her from her films. And thatÕs just how she likes it.

’Night, Mother

There’s always at least one man in my life: my eight-year-old son, Henry. Sometimes, however, there are two, and that’s when things get complicated.