Stacy Hollister


Broadcasting the Super Bowl

Stephanie Druley on broadcasting the Super Bowl.

A Q&A With H. W. Brands

The author of The Age of Gold: The California Gold Rush and the New American Dream talks about peddling history and more.

Calling a Baseball Game

Milo Hamilton on calling a baseball game.

The Pro Life

Free advice for Devin Durant.

Are You Ready for Some …

Hoop dreams.

Ball Boy

A few swings at Andy Roddick.

Queens of the Court

Should the WNBA go away?

Any Given Saturday

Handicapping the Big 12.

Diamonds Are Forever

Nolan Ryan on the Rocket’s comeback.

Uptown, Fredericksburg.

A quickie guide. Fredericksburg without tourists.

All the Pretty Horses

Catherine Crier, the host of Court TV’s Catherine Crier Live, on growing up in Dallas, riding and showing horses, and moving away from Texas.

Hello to a River

Fourteen of them, actually. From kayaking the Colorado and rock climbing along the Pecos to tubing the Pedernales and birding on the Rio Grande, here are the most enjoyable and exciting things to do on some of our favorite Texas waterways.

Take Me to the Rivers

Six more watery adventures, from birding on the Trinity to tubing the Frio.

Happy Trails

After a quick trip to Houston for a football game—and a visit to the Johnson Space Center—I’ve come up with a new mission.