Stayton Bonner


Hello to a River

Fourteen of them, actually. From kayaking the Colorado and rock climbing along the Pecos to tubing the Pedernales and birding on the Rio Grande, here are the most enjoyable and exciting things to do on some of our favorite Texas waterways.

Take Me to the Rivers

Six more watery adventures, from birding on the Trinity to tubing the Frio.

War Record

“The Dixie Chicks recorded ‘Travelin’ Soldier,’ one of the first songs I wrote, and it did great until the girls got embroiled in that crazy media-frenzy.”

The Song Writer

“My next assignment was supposed to be teaching English at the Academy at West Point, but I didn’t go. I got out of the Army and went to Nashville instead, and I think Johnny Cash was probably the biggest reason.”

On the Fly

Who needs Colorado when the Guadalupe River is so close—and so full of rainbow trout.