Stephen Harrigan

Stephen Harrigan is the author of nine books, including the award-winning novels The Gates of the Alamo and Remember Ben Clayton. His most recent book is the forthcoming The Eye of the Mammoth, a career-spanning collection of his essays, many of which were written for Texas Monthly. He is also a screenwriter who has written many movies for television. 


Adventures Under the Sea

Where is Lloyd Bridges when you really need him?

The Eggheads and I

In which our author finds it’s one thing to be a genius; it’s another to be smart.


A visit to San Antonio’­s underground city, looking for kids with a can of paint and a nose for thrills.

Whoever Said It Was a Grand Old Party

Elephants never forget, but Texas Reaganites wish they could.

Nobody Loves a Rattlesnake

Especially not in Sweetwater: the score at last count was Humans 10,000, Rattlers 0.


Dope sellers obey the law—of supply and demand.

Did You Hear The One About The Farmer’s Daughter?

A strip-mining company made her an offer she couldn’t refuse.

Planet X! We’re Waiting for You!

That’s the message Ray Stanford sends nightly into outer space; so far no one has answered.

A Bad Day for Dolphins

Can Bubbles find happiness in a 30-foot tank?

Bury My Heart at the Souvenir Shop

The Alabama-Coushatta Indian Reservation is a braves‘ new world.

The Alamo? Sure. Two Blocks, Turn Right, and It’s Right Across From the Five and Ten.

You remember, don’t you? That’­s the place John Wayne died.

Tales of Shrimp

Them shrimp boats are still a-coming, but there‘s not much dancing tonight.

Pray for Sharks

Cuddling up to a thousand pounds of ravenous hunger.

Om, Om on the Range

Alpha waves, past lives, and other explorations of the subconscious.

Sirens in the Night

Great ambulance drivers are made, not born.