Susan Chadwick


The Right Stuffing

You’ll be stuffed, too, after you eat this Thanksgiving dinner.

What a Dish!

We cleaned our plate at restaurants across Texas. Here are the results: 66 irresistible specialties of the house.

Texas Primer: The Bowie Knife

Whether a frontiersman needed to skin a bear, chop wood, or fight in a due, Jim Bowie’s weapon was the tool of choice.

Texas Primer: The Native Texan

You don’t have to be born here to qualify. The mark of a true native is an undying passion to be one.

Texas Primer: The His and Her Gift

Once upon a time the His and Her Gift reflected a Texas that was extravagant and maybe a little gauche. Now the gift is no less extravagant, but it’s a lot less, well, innocent.

The Kathy Ratings

Kathy Whitmire’s substantial achievements as mayor of Houston are overshadowed by her bad public image and political ineptitude—not a good situation for a candidate seeking a third term.

Texas Primer: The Two-step

Forget about waltzing across Texas. Let’s two-step instead.

Texas Primer: The Western Shirt

Today’s cowboy can thank Hollywood designers for the shirt on his back.

Texas Primer: The Trail Ride

It began in 1952 as a nostalgic recreation of the old cattle drive. Now it’s a grand annual party stretching across Texas.

Texas Primer: The Texas Brag

It’s not quite a lie and not quite the truth. It’s a patriotic duty.