Susan Chadwick


Texas Primer: The Texas Brag

It’s not quite a lie and not quite the truth. It’s a patriotic duty.

Texas Primer: The Trail Ride

It began in 1952 as a nostalgic recreation of the old cattle drive. Now it’s a grand annual party stretching across Texas.

Texas Primer: The Western Shirt

Today’s cowboy can thank Hollywood designers for the shirt on his back.

Texas Primer: The Two-step

Forget about waltzing across Texas. Let’s two-step instead.

The Kathy Ratings

Kathy Whitmire’s substantial achievements as mayor of Houston are overshadowed by her bad public image and political ineptitude—not a good situation for a candidate seeking a third term.

Texas Primer: The His and Her Gift

Once upon a time the His and Her Gift reflected a Texas that was extravagant and maybe a little gauche. Now the gift is no less extravagant, but it’s a lot less, well, innocent.

Texas Primer: The Native Texan

You don’t have to be born here to qualify. The mark of a true native is an undying passion to be one.

What’s Good For the Goose

Most recipes for game birds amount to long, slow overkill. Only quick, hot cooking ensures that red-meat birds retain their rich flavor.

Texas Primer: The Bowie Knife

Whether a frontiersman needed to skin a bear, chop wood, or fight in a due, Jim Bowie’s weapon was the tool of choice.

Home Is Where The Hearty Is

The resourceful chefs at Hudson’s on the Bend don’t always follow the nouvelle script: their robust improvisations, both ethnic and elegant, result in more rewarding meals.

A Grande Finale

The common dewberry takes a leading role in a sophisticated shortcake.

The Pleasure of Their Companies

Three Texas caterers turn the tables on the ordinary holiday gathering­–they roll out the red carpet and bring on the food, but you feel like it’s still your party.

What a Dish!

We cleaned our plate at restaurants across Texas. Here are the results: 66 irresistible specialties of the house.