Suzanne Winckler


A Lovers’ Knot

The Raven’s Bride sheds new light on the scandal that set Tennessee governor Sam Houston on the road to Texas.

Back in the Saddle

Larry McMurtry returns to the mythic West and spins a thoughtful and touching tale.

Remember the Alamo?

A new assault on Texas’ most cherished myth proves that the Battle of the Alamo is far from over.

Trouble, Trash, and Texas

Twenty years after the first Earth Day celebration, environmentalists are once again trying to get Texans interested in saving the planet. There are good reasons why they may once again fail.

Continental Drift

Five beautifully produced books explore the Americas, from anonymous folk art to the great muralists, from revolutionary heroes to a Texas ranching patriarch.

Whistling in the Dark

Larry McMurtry explores the far side of forty in his new novel.

The Way of the Buffalo

Dallas novelist C. W. Smith takes a long, hard look at a subject with a painful history.

Moving On

Dave Hickey’s fine short stories are enhanced by the scarcity; Texas expatriate William Humphrey takes on the Cherokees’ Trail of Tears.

Days in the Country, Nights on the Town

New fiction takes the reader on forays into Louisiana swamps, excursions into smoke-filled Austin honky-tonks, and down life’s highway with a lady trucker

Hasty Copy

Dan Jenkins’ latest takes a tough-cookie journalist out of a thirties movie and puts her into a chase through Depression-era Fort Worth; Sarah Glasscock populates her fictional Alpine with a cast of real characters.

The Old West, the New South

In Anything for Billy, Larry McMurtry trounces the Western myth; Frederick Barthelme, in Two Against One, casts a cold eye on a self-desdtructing marriage.

Air Conditioning? Who Needs It?

It’s Simple: people’s teeth should not chatter in the summer.

Autumn Leaves

Turn off the AC, stop pretending you’re a reptile, welcome the whooping cranes back. It’s fall!

Texas Primer: The Grand Champion Steer

Tastes in livestock are as whimsical as tastes in fashion. This year petite is in.

The Bluebonnet Snapshot

Okay, so photos of cute kids in fields of bluebonnets aren’t great art. That’s not the point at all.