Suzy Banks


My Kind of Town

The Bank of America Center and 24 other things I love about Houston.

San Antonio to El Paso on U.S. 90 and Interstate 10

An old opera house, Judge Roy Bean’s grave, ancient pictographs—and a drug blimp.

Love Birds

If you want the romance in your marriage to take flight, take a cue from the whooping cranes of the Texas coast.

Nerd Watching

Suzy Banks pays hommage to a nerd, her dad.

The Shops Around the Corner

In these big-city neighborhoods, at these offbeat stores, you’ll find the perfect presents—from lava lamps to vintage kimonos—for everyone on your list.

Shopping Spree

Writer-at-large Suzy Banks tells the story behind this month’s cover story, “The Shops Around the Corner.”


If you want to get into the Halloween spirit, head to South Texas and try to scare up San Patricio’s famous ghost.

Old-Fashioned Texas

Texas is changing before our eyes, but fried pies, drive-in movie theaters, and other vestiges of earlier days are all around. To find these treasures, we risked life, limb, and cholesterol count-and had a blast from the past.

Nether Lands

Forget about getting down and dirty. Take a
trip into one of Texas’ show caves, where
the beauty of going underground is on full display.

Winged Evaders

Catching a bat emergence when Mother Nature isn’t cooperating can be a sticky situation. Just ask me.