Suzy Banks


Rio de Enero

When the San Antonio River’s downtown stretches are drained for a week each January, the crowds may ebb too. But it’s a perfect time to discover the waterway’s more natural side.

This Land is Your Land

With more than 600,000 acres of state parks, historic sites, and natural areas, Texas can be a perfect playground for every type of outdoor adventurer—if you know where to go. We do.


Since I was a kid growing up on polluted Galveston Bay, I’ve held a grudge against the watery edge of Texas—but no more. Protected wetlands! Pelicans and turtles! Historic buildings! Edible oysters! And that’s not the half shell of it.


Delicate pine-needle baskets, rustic Italian
tableware—and a $1,200 bottle of Pétrus.

Where to Stay Now 2004

Ten Texas hotels I can recommend without reservations, plus the state’s best rooftop pool, outdoor bar, and more.

High and Mighty

Every once in a while, when I come across something so
outrageous, so over-the-top—like Grapevine’s new
Gaylord Texan Resort and Convention Center—I
can’t help myself. I just have to be snotty.

On the Road Again—Hill Country

West from Dripping Springs to Johnson City, south to Blanco, southeast to Fischer, east to Wimberley, and north to Dripping Springs.

Rental Illness

When people hear I’m a landlady, they tell me I should have my head examined. Yep.

Scent and Sensibility

Sweaty socks, cat urine, dead skunks: Three cheers for having no sense of smell.

The Path of Yeast Resistance

Suzy Banks goes out for a beer.

Zip It

How to zip across the Hill Country.

Free for All

Eighty-five incredibly fun things, from movies to museums, that won’t cost you a red cent.

Cosmic Wonder

A starry-eyed getaway.

Cold Comfort

What’s loony about the beach in winter?

The Horror! The Horror!

How my lifelong dream of writing a novel turned into a nightmare.