Turk Pipkin


It’s Hard Out Here For a Pipkin

Have you heard the good news? My career as a bit player in Hollywood continues apace.

Paradise Found

Three great hotels on the Pacific coast of Mexico where you can do just about anything or nothing at all.

In Over My Head

When I decided to put in a swimming pool, I had visions of supermodels doing the backstroke in my back yard. Instead, I got one big headache after another.

A Summer Place

Don’t think of the Hill Country Hyatt as just another chain hotel. Think of it as your salvation—especially if you have kids.

Oh, Say, Can You Sí?

Until recently, I couldn’t. Then I enrolled in language school in the charming Mexican town of Guanajuato, and two weeks later I was comfortably conversant in español.

Where the Buys Are

If you think there are bargains on the border, you won’t believe what you’ll find seven hundred miles south in three tiny Mexican towns.

A Whale of a Tale

In a remote Mexican bay, you can touch a forty-ton gray, watch her lovely, enormous baby rub playfully against your boat, and ponder the mysteries of the natural world.

The Reel World

In Mexico’s Sea of Cortés the bonito, tuna and dorado nearly jump into your boat. No wonder I’m hooked.

Greens With Envy

Want to golf this summer on three of the best-designed, least expensive courses in the world? Swing on down to los cabos, mexico.

Lost Kingdom

A trip to Guatemalan jungle reveals the splendid ruins of Tikal and the mystereries of the ancient Maya.

Kings of Swing

Can a golfer change the bad habits of a lifetime? The academy at Golfsmith International made a believer out of me.

Jungle Fever

Glimpses of jaguars, toucans, and black orchids reward the intrepid traveler in the unspoiled wilds of Belize.

Idyll Pleasures

Welcome to Puerto Escondido, where you can ride magnificent waves, hook a sailfish, or do absolutely nothing.

Southern Breeze

With ancient ruins, exotic foods, and native wares, Oaxaca is a one-stop get-away for heat-plagued Texans.

Once Upon a Green

Carrying someone else’s golf bag used to be the best way to learn about the game. Now caddying is a lost art.