W. Taitte


Fine Tuning

From the Panhandle to the Bayou City, homegrown classical music ensembles are our best-kept secret.

Playing It Safe

Take two Aspern: one a world premiere by the Dallas Opera, the other the Henry James novella on which the opera is based. Which is better for you?

That’s Entertainment

The Houston Grand Opera was out to impress, with its new house and three ambitious productions in one week, but what it proved best was just how enjoyable this brand of theater can be.

Singing All the Way

Mary Jane Johnson and Timothy Jenkins live in Amarillo, but they’re at home in the world’s great opera houses.

Enter, With Trumpets

A series of world premieres commissioned by the Houston Symphony Orchestra has brought a dash of fanfare to Jones Hall.

For the Love of Bach

The Dallas Bach Society combines crackerjack musicians, a well-trained choir, and top-ranked vocal soloists—the result is a baroque-music lover’s dream.

Changing the Tune

Some new recordings of old symphonies reveal how the composers really wanted things to sound.

No-shows and Great Shows

The only excitement of the Dallas Opera season came from a couple of fortunate gambles, while the Houston Grand Opera triumphed by bringing Faust alive for contemporary audiences.

Desire and Memory

The Ups and Downs of Theophilus Maitland had more ups than downs in Dallas, but Memorial Candles didn’t have much memorable melody.

Is It Live Or Is It a CD?

Compact discs: coasters? Frisbees? or the best sound you’ll ever hear?

True to the Past

Forget all that debate about early instruments versus modern ones for eighteenth-century music.

Short and Sweet

Sometimes the opera is over before the fat lady sings. Consider the successful debut of sixteen brief and eclectic works commissioned by the Texas Opera Theater.

Operatic Adventures

A little gimmickry goes a long way toward making the Fort Worth Opera’s current season a success.

Contemporary Classic

The octogenarian whom many believe to be the greatest living composer pays a long-awaited visit to Texas.

Strummin’ On the Old Gamba

Using antique and original instruments like the viola da gamba, the Texas Baroque Ensemble is making Garland the place to hear early music in Texas.