William Broyles

William Broyles is a native of Baytown and was the founding editor of Texas Monthly. He then went on to create the television show, China Beach, and to write scripts for a number of films, including Cast Away, The Polar Express, Jarhead, Unfaithful, and Apollo 13, which he co-wrote with Texas Monthly writer Al Reinert. Broyles graduated from Rice University and has an M.A. from Oxford University. He also served with the Marines in Vietnam, was the editor in chief of Newsweek magazine, and is the author of Brothers in Arms. He lives in New Mexico.


Behind the Lines

Enter Ronald Reagan—the liberals’ true friend.

Behind the Lines

East is East, West is West, and in Texas the twain shall never meet.

Man to Man

The son’s ultimate selfishness is to see his father only as his father—not as a man. But on our first fishing trip in 25 years, I began to see my father—and myself—as the grown men we’d become.

Stop Beating Around The Bush

Hey, undecided voters: Time’s up. As unenthusiastic as you may be, you gotta go with one of these guys. Fortunately, we’re here to help you make up your mind.

Mission Impossible

Why we should end the war in Iraq.

My Montrose

Forty years (and more) of the exuberant, eclectic neighborhood where I was born, grew as a writer, and found inspiration for the early pages of this magazine.