William Helmer


The Great American Addiction

Ready when you are, CB.

The Hub Cafe

It wasn’t the classiest place in Pharr to grow up, but it had tough truckers, sassy waitresses, and some of the best try cooks in the Valley.

The Madman on the Tower

In a ninety-minute reign of terror, gunshots rang out that still echo in the history of Texas.

Up to Speed

The highway patrol unveils a new secret weapon in its war against unrepentant speeders.

Light My Fire

After struggling to give up smoking, I have come to a compromise: Never smoke more than one cigarette—at a time.

Screen Gem

Bigger than life, drive-in movies defined America’s giddy age of hula hoops, poodle skirts, and blue suede shoes.

Crash Course

In the forties I was just a kid with a Kodak, but my fascination with car wrecks taught me many lasting lessons.