Property Issues Complicate a Tragic Situation

Just about everything about the story of Arnav Dhawan, a ten-year-old boy from Frisco who was found dead in his home in late January, is horrible. 

The boy's body was found on January 29, and his mother, Pallavi Dhawan, was charged with murder after police came by the house for what's been described as a routine welfare check. 

Terror at Noon

Shelly stared at the graph of imaginary numbers on the chalkboard, confounding figures represented by the letter i and less relevant to her life than fairies from her childhood or the vanishing rabbit in the magic show at the Student Union last week. The professor had the face of a cherub and arms too long for his squattish body and was marking on the chalkboard as he spoke.

Two People Died At SXSW Last Night in a Car Accident That Injured 23

Shortly before one o'clock on Thursday morning, a car turned onto Red River in Austin—a street lined with rock clubs and music venues, and one that was barricaded off for five blocks to allow pedestrians and cyclists to move freely—and struck and killed two people who were getting onto a moped. Before the car stopped, it had driven through the crowd, leaving the total number of injured at 23. 


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