A Taylor Woman Who Raised $4,500 on GoFundMe for a Family She Didn't Know Was Arrested for Fraud

When Jessica Rodriguez, of Taylor, died of complications a few days after giving birth to her third child, it left her partner, Moses Perez, in more than one horrible situation. In addition to losing the mother of his children as the two were planning their wedding, he also has to pay her medical bills and funeral costs. 

Car Thieves in Haltom City Tried to Steal a Running Unmarked Police Car with a Detective in It

Today we bring you a really, really dumb story out of Haltom City, where a pair of would-be car thieves looking for empty, running cars warming up on a cold morning attempted to jack an unmarked police car. As the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports

Texarkana Murder Mystery

In 1946 four brutal crimes occurred in less than three months in Texarkana. Three were violent attacks on young people parked on lovers’ lanes on the Texas side of town; the fourth was the shooting of a middle-aged couple in their rural farmhouse on the Arkansas side. At the end of the spree, three people had been seriously wounded and five had been shot dead. The traumatized survivors gave the police little to go on. Fear paralyzed the town.


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