This Exoneree Never Lost Hope That He’d One Day Open His Dream Business

Christopher Scott planned it all from an uncomfortable state prison bed at the Coffield unit in East Texas, where he would kick back, listen to R&B and daydream.  Some day the criminal justice system would recognize that he was not, in fact, a murderer. He would be exonerated, and he would work to save other wrongfully convicted people. He would fulfill his lifelong dream to open a men’s clothing store. He would live in a sprawling home with a swimming pool and a basketball court.

No, Brits, It's Not Illegal To Masturbate In Texas

In a post on the Guardian’s Shortcuts Blog called “Masturbation laws around the world: the penal code” (yes, we see what you did there), the British publication claimed:

“[A] new measure which will come into force on 1 January 2014 will make many forms of male masturbation illegal. ‘Exceptions include sperm donations, which now must only be performed at a designated hospital facility.’”

The source the Guardian cites for that tidbit—which, it should go without saying, is 100% untrue—is the website the Tribune Herald. Somewhat legit-sounding URL aside, that is a parody news website that runs on a basic Wordpress template, has 75 followers on Twitter, and includes stories with other headlines like, “Obama to meet and personally arm Syrian rebels with special ‘first gun.’”


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