Who Helps the Exonerated Men of Texas?

A lot of men from Dallas County have been exonerated--27 at the latest count--and James Waller is one of the more memorable. He was convicted of the 1983 rape of a twelve-year-old boy—mostly on the word of the boy—and given thirty years for the crime. When DNA tests became available a few years later, he asked for one but didn’t get it. He kept asking, even after he was paroled in 1993, because he was considered a sex offender and couldn’t get a job or even go to parks when children were present.

Investigating the Prosecutors

We know from experience that certain things are going to happen when an exonerated inmate walks out of prison. There will be tears. There will be hugs. There will be joy. There will be anger. There will be talk of tonight’s dinner. There will be talk of the future. There will be talk of how the system made a terrible mistake.


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