Meanwhile, in Texas. . .

  • A dog that was found cradled in its dead owner’s arms after a tornado in Van was adopted by a new family.
  • The Texas Legislature put a proposed amendment on the November 3 ballot that would enshrine the right to hunt and fish in the state constitution.
  • In Beaumont a Nigerian-born witch doctor was sentenced to prison for helping drug traffickers avoid law enforcement by, among other things, telling them to speak to magic rocks.

The Full Nowitzki

In the fall of last year, a documentary about Dallas Maverick Dirk Nowitzki became an unlikely success in his home country of Germany, prompting Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, who also co-owns a film distribution company, to bring the movie here. This month, Nowitzki: The Perfect Shot will be released in select Dallas theaters and, nationally, through video on demand. For Mavericks fans, it provides an intimate look at a player who rarely pulls back the curtain on his personal life.

The Checklist


The Astronaut Wives Club (ABC, Thursdays)
Lily Koppel’s best-selling 2013 group portrait of the women behind the men at the front of the American space program gets the small-screen treatment. The script isn’t cable-quality (every jacked-up conflict and dramatic reveal arrives with clockwork predictability), but if period clothes and decor are what you liked about Mad Men, this show will scratch that itch—all while showing some love for Houston.

Queso on the Hudson

When two Tex-Mex restaurants opened in New York City this spring, it seemed as if every Texan in town sent an email about it to every other Texan in town. And these weren’t casual messages but exclamation mark–filled, all-caps expressions of unparalleled excitement, like “BOTH PLACES HAVE SO MUCH QUESO!!!” and “WHY ISN’T THERE A TACO EMOJI YET?!”

Texas City Flags: The Good, the Blah, and the Fugly

With Flag Day looming, what better time to wallow in a little vexillology and examine and critique the state of Texas’s flags, from the actual state flag (awesome) on down to some of the couple of hundred or so city and town flags that fly between the Red and the Rio Grande (sadly, most of which are terrible).

Texas is not alone in the awfulness of its city flags. Roman Mars, “the Ira Glass of design” and host of the podcast “99% Invisible,” recently gave a TED Talk entitled “Why City Flags Might Be the Worst-Designed Things You’ve Never Noticed.” 

Below the national and state level, Mars believes, “there is a scourge of bad flags, and they must be stopped.” 

The Texanist

Q: After eighteen years of exile in California, my wife and I were able to retire and move back home. One of our retirement dreams was to get a condo on South Padre Island—by far the best Texas beach. After visiting recently, we are reconsidering. The SPI that we remembered had a great beach, not one with so much vegetation. Can you recommend other Texas beaches that now rival the old SPI? 
Chuck Fox, San Antonio


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