High Plains Lyfter

Last February, after Uber, the app-based ride-sharing company, announced its intention to enter the Houston market, local cab drivers crammed into a city council meeting wearing bright-yellow T-shirts with slogans like “Fair Play = Same Rules.” They claimed that Uber, which usually charges less than traditional cabs do, has an advantage because its drivers don’t have to meet the same insurance requirements as most cabbies.

Furry Friday: A Mason County Rancher's Dog Is the Most Loyal Pooch You'll Read About This Week

When JR Nicholson, a rancher from Mason County,* started feeling dizzy, he told his ranch hand he wanted to go to the hospital. Little did the 85-year-old know that what turned out to be a minor visit to the ER would evolve into an absolutely heartwarming tale of pet loyalty for the ages.

Meanwhile, in Texas . . .

  • Identical twin sisters from Houston bought identical Sears Craftsman housesright next door to each otherin Galveston.
  • After getting plunked by a pitcher, a man in a pickup baseball game near Elsa shot and wounded one of the opposing players.
  • An Austin girl who was kidnapped by her mother and taken to Mexico was reunited with her father twelve years after her abduction.
  • The SAT math scores of the state’s high school students hit a 22-year low.
  • At their wedding ceremony, a neuroscientist gave his ne


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