12 Ways to #VoteKeuchel

It's been five years since the Houston Astros had more than the mandatory minimum number of players in the All-Star Game. Which is to say, two. That's so long ago that Lance Berkman, Roy Oswalt, Mike Hampton, and Carlos Lee were still around, though it was Hunter Pence and Miguel Tejada who earned the '09 All-Star nods. 

How To Survive As An Austin Rock Club For Four Decades

The band Fastball is best known for their 1998 mid-tempo hit “The Way,” but last month in Austin, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the University of Texas-area rock club Hole in the Wall, they slammed through several frenzied rockers from their 1996 debut, Make Your Mama Proud, which the group hadn’t played in 15 years. “No wonder we were so skinny back then,” frontman Miles Zuniga joked.

Phil Collins Donates His Expansive Alamo Memorabilia Collection to the General Land Office

In the five years since Phil Collins first made known his lifelong fascination with the Alamo, news coverage of his interest in Texas history has ranged from the man-bites-dog variety to downright mean. For Texans, the fact that one of the world’s richest musicians—Collins has sold more than 250 million records—might spend a small fraction of his royalty checks collecting treasured artifacts from the Texas Revolution is not so hard to fathom.

The Lost Days of El Texano

On a warm afternoon in Juarez, in 1969, Fred Renk nervously entered a dusty bullfighting ring. Though he was a mediocre bullfighter, he was ambitious and optimistic. It seemed to be a lucky time for U.S.-born bullfighters: John Fulton, a bullfighter from Philadelphia, had become the first celebrity American matador, an honoree who earned praise from Ernest Hemingway and James Michener. Successful matadors enjoyed prestige; they possessed a dangerous allure.

Roar of the Crowd

Texans love George Strait, a simple truth so resoundingly evident in this magazine’s universe in the past thirty days that a bit of recapping is warranted: After previewing our June cover a week before its official release, the likes (11,180), shares (12,690), and RTs (182) came fast and furious.

Lucio Núñez Guitars

Lucio Núñez has been making guitars for almost 35 years, but in some ways he is still the philosophy teacher that he was in Mexico City back in the seventies. “Lutherie depends on both science and mystery. The space between one note and another, the way we work with sound frequencies—that is physics. But the way music touches our souls—that is a mystery.” Music and art were heavily prized in Núñez’s family: his mother owned a record store, and his brother became an architect.

About a Boy

It’s been an eventful year so far for Richard Linklater. In January the Austin filmmaker received an Oscar nomination for co-writing the screenplay for his film Before Midnight.


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