Wed February 6, 2013 2:31 pm By Jason Cohen

Mack Brown’s official press conference for college football signing day is in an hour. You probably can’t watch it, at least not on television (I know I can’t). But the Longhorn Network’s Lowell Galindo did catch up with Brown on ESPNU (and ESPNU will also presumably be on the case at 3:30).

Brown acknowledged his recruits were “a smaller group … you want to fill needs,” but he sounded excited about the offensive linemen, who average six-foot-five, 302 pounds.

But the moment that got people talking was Brown’s more defensive comment about smaller classes, which came off as a rebuke to the accolades for Texas A&M, which, according to the Austin American-Statesman, landed thirteen of the state’s Top 55 players, and Ole Miss, which has had such an unexpectedly good day that fans on are complaining about ‘em. 

“You have to be careful on signing day that it’s not a lot of eye candy. There’ll be a lot of guys that oversign today, so the numbers will make it look like they got a great class,” Brown said.

Both Lisa Horne of and Chris Dufresne of the Los Angeles Times took notice: 

The Longhorns host Ole Miss September 14and will probably beat the Rebels on the strength of Brown’s 2011 and 2012 recruiting hauls.

Wed February 6, 2013 11:45 am By Jason Cohen

Brent Zwerneman of the Houston Chronicle and San Antonio Express-News checks in with a Signing Day update that shows how quickly things have changed for Texas A&M head coach Kevin Sumlin. 

Sumlin told TexAgs Radio when he first came onboard a year ago foes were telling recruits not to choose A&M because the Aggies would get their “brains beat” against SEC competition. Now, Sumlin said, it’s “you can’t play there” because of A&M’s early success in the league that’s won the last seven national titles.

Meaning, for you non-sports readers, that the Aggies are so good that new recruits would struggle to win playing time. Which is at least true for the quarterbacks.

“Brains beat” is one of Sumlin’s favorite phrases, btw. 

Tue February 5, 2013 6:00 pm By Jason Cohen

Connor BrewerWhen I first read that University of Texas redshirt freshman quarterback Connor Brewer had been arrested early Saturday morning for public intoxication and possessing a fictitious drivers license, I couldn’t help but think, “that kid’s gonna win the Heisman!”

Then, upon realizing that Brewer wasn’t busted in a Sixth Street bar by city cops, but by University of Texas police officers, my second thought was, “that kid’s gonna be in ‘Campus Watch!’”

As regular readers of our previous TM Daily Post feature know, UT’s police blotter infamously lards its federally-mandated, public safety-conscious record of campus crime with deadpan humor and occasional flights of verbal fancy, making it a cult favorite read for students, Texas Exes, Austin residents and Horns-haters alike.  

Of course, the officers who write it probably know better than to make fun of a Longhorns quarterback. And really, Brewer didn’t give them all that much to work with–just your garden variety underage over-drinking.

The 19 year-old Arizona native is not actually identified in the item, but the charges, and the fact that he was booked into the Travis County jail at 2:49 a.m., means this is clearly him:


Public Intoxication / Fictitious License: A UT Police Officer observed a UT student staggering and stumbling as he attempted to walk. The student stumbled across the street and was able to use a rock retaining wall to help maintain his balance. During the investigation, the officer detected a strong odor of alcohol on the student’s breath and learned the student was under the legal age of 21. The student presented the officers with an ID card but was not able to verify any of the information on it. Due to the student level of intoxication, he was taken into custody for Public Intoxication. The officers later learned the ID card presented to them was counterfeit. The student was charged with Public Intoxication / Fictitious License and transported to Central Booking. Occurred on: 2-02-13, at 1:50 AM.

I’ll presume that when he’s sober, Brewer can remember the checkdown sequence on a pass play better than he could the name on his ID.

UT head coach Mack Brown issued a statement on the incident.

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Mon February 4, 2013 9:10 am By Jason Cohen

This week, it becomes official: Texas A&M will beat the University of Texas in the only football contest that the two schools currently engage in–recruiting.

As Sports Illustrated national college footballl writer Stewart Mandel put it over the weekend:

For years, recruiting in the state of Texas has played out like an unfairly weighted draft. First, that school in Austin takes its pick of 20 to 25 prospects, most of whom commit nearly a year before Signing Day. Then the state’s other top programs divvy up the best of the rest.

But now, on the heels of its best football season in 56 years, Texas A&M is asserting itself as the new Lone Star recruiting juggernaut….For the first time in at least 15 years, the Aggies are poised to assemble a more highly touted haul than their two former Big 12 nemeses, Texas and Oklahoma.

It will also be the first A&M recruiting class to crank the national top ten rankings since 2005.

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Sun February 3, 2013 1:22 pm By Jason Cohen

Does H-E-B’s “True Texan” Super Bowl ad commit something of a barbecue foul (by equating it with “grilling”), or is that part of the joke?

The clip, which features country star Jack Ingram, satirizes Texas myths (“some people seriously believe we all ride horses to work”), almost to the point that it could serve as a companion piece to Gregory Curtis’s “Behind the Lines” essay in the current Texas Monthly “Cities” issue.

H-E-B is calling it the “Game Day Commercial,” because the NFL’s a little touchy about people saying “Super Bowl” in advertising. But as Gary Dinges of the Austin American-Statesman notes, you’ll be seeing it today.