Here's What the 2015 Texas Legislature Has Had to Say About Abortion So Far

The Eighty-third Texas Legislature will always be known for the abortion debate that brought thousands to the Capitol, made a (very brief) international sensation out of former state senator Wendy Davis, and cemented “orange shirts” and “blue shirts” in the Texas political lexicon. And while the so-called omnibus abortion bill HB2 that passed out of the 2013 legislature remains in limbo at the moment—a status that could change at any time, when the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals makes its final ruling (although that’ll just lead to an inevitable Supreme Court appeal on the part of the loser)—the 2015 version of the Texas Legislature hasn’t been sleeping on abortion. 

This time out, there are no broad, sweeping laws being proposed or passed that upend abortion access throughout Texas, rather, there are a number of bills and amendments that are in various phases of the legislative process that could end up as laws by the end of the Eighty-fourth Legislature (and the increasingly likely special sessions that could follow). Here’s what they are and where they stand: 

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