CPS Visited an Austin Woman Whose Kids Were Playing Outside Unsupervised

Over the past few months, the debate has intensified between parents who believe in so-called “free range children”—or allowing their kids to roam outside the house unsupervised, as children who grew up in decades past often did—and those who think that practice is criminal. 

Patently Unfair

Shawne Somerford stares across the Marshall town square in the direction of the federal courthouse. I’ve just asked her if she’s worried that Congress might put her restaurant, the Blue Frog Grill, out of business. She smiles faintly and shrugs. “Tomorrow it could all be gone,” she says.

An Austin Family Whose Son Was Struck By Lightning During Soccer Practice Is Suing For $10 Million

On the surface, a family filing a lawsuit worth $10 million because their son got struck by lightning sounds almost frivolous. But the case of nine-year-old Alex Hermann, who was struck at soccer practice in late August, shows the hues of gray in these particular types of situations. 

Open Carry Texas Did Not March in Houston's Fifth Ward This Weekend

The past week has been a tense one in the U.S., and questions around race, guns, and state power have been asked repeatedly, every night, as the situation in Ferguson, Missouri, continues to develop. But these issues aren’t exclusive to that part of the country, and they take many forms. 


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