Exoneration Review Bill Passes The Texas House

Texas leads the nation in many thingsunfortunately, not all of them good. Along with New York and Illinois, Texas is among the top three offenders when it comes to wrongful criminal convictions. The case of Michael Morton, in particular, has recently called attention to the mishandlings of justice that are all too common, and now Texas lawmakers are considering ways to buckle down on mistakes.

Hate Taxes? Buy Some Guns

Texans love a good sale. The "tax-free weekend," or the three days before the start of every school year when most clothing and school supplies under $100 are free of sales tax, is a big shopping day for parents. Now it appears as though gun enthusiasts could get the same kind of shopping incentive.

Compound Fracture

I felt bad, at first, for the polygamists when the gun-toting state troopers and other law enforcement personnel busted into their Yearning for Zion compound, outside Eldorado, in early April. I felt bad when the officers tried using a “jaws of life” tool to wrench open the door of the sacred temple, and I felt especially bad when they carried away the children, some of whom were infants holding bottles.

The Not So Happy Campers

Editor's Note: This story has been updated to include three corrections: (1) George and Philip Stacy did not sue Dick and Tweety Eastland in January 2007, as previously reported. (2) Stacy Eastland and Nancy Leaton did not get any additional interest in other Eastland properties to compensate for Dick's getting more of Camp Mystic, as originally stated. (3) Stacy alerted the IRS to the family's potential problems with the Bass deal in October 2009, not November 2006.

The Verdict

The fourth Mineola Swingers Club case—that of Dennis Pittman—ended this afternoon with a verdict that surprised no one on either side: Guilty. The verdicts in the first two trials, in the spring of 2008, were reached in four minutes; in the third trial that summer, it took an hour and a half. In a possible sign of progress, this one took an hour and 32 minutes. With two trials to go, the remaining defendants might expect a full two hours of deliberations.


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