Go! Fight! Win!

It may be the oldest argument in Texas sports: Which high school football program is the greatest ever? It may also be the hardest to win: How can you compare Abilene High, which won 49 consecutive games in the fifties, with Southlake Carroll, a suburban juggernaut that has won four out of the past five 5A Division II titles?

Easy—I looked at the numbers.

Hut, Hut, Pay Hike!

When Sealy High School head football coach T. J. Mills left his job—where he became a legend by going 63-1 over four years and winning the state title in each—to become the new coach at Permian High School in Odessa last spring, it was big news. Permian, which has not lived up to its lofty reputation in recent years, got one of the hottest commodities in Texas high school football.

Disorder in the Court

There’s anxiety in the state bar of Texas these days. The concern isn’t that the corporate community will soon outgrow its need for lawyers. Nor is it stock market volatility or the likelihood of another bust. Since the mid-nineties, when the legal profession awoke from its slumber, a robust, diversified, technologically exploding global economy has been spewing new billables like counterfeit hundreds. Business couldn’t be better, thank you.

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