Guns Found in Bags of Chips and Knives Found in Bags of Flour at Waco Twin Peaks

Yesterday, news reports offered a stunning headline: apparently, a thousand weapons had been found stashed at the Twin Peaks location in Waco that had been the site of the biker gang fight on Sunday. Waco’s CBS affiliate KWTX tweeted that “Waco police now say they’ve found as many as one thousand weapons at Twin Peaks, including an AK-47. Many were hidden in toilets, food.” It was a staggering claim—and, upon more sober reflection, it turned out to be an exaggeration.

15 Things We Learned About Matthew McConaughey From His University of Houston Commencement Speech

Matthew McConaughey gave his first commencement speech on Friday. By his own account, he was nervous before speaking—a feeling he said in the speech that he chases whenever possible—but the number of lessons that he imparted while addressing the graduating class of 2015 extend well beyond merely celebrating the creative power of fear. Here are fifteen other things we learned from McConaughey’s speech: 

On #WacoThugs, Biker Gangs, and White-on-White Crime

The scene in Waco on Sunday was like something off a TV show. Broad daylight shoot-outs between rival gangs that leave nine dead and eighteen others hospitalized rarely happen in Texas strip malls, but the biker-themed event at the Twin Peaks restaurant turned out to be every bit as horrifying as an episode of Sons of Anarchy

There’s plenty of blame being cast, and plenty to go around—from the bikers whose fight turned deadly to the restaurant that refused calls from police to cancel the event, which reports say was being used by several rival gangs to recruit new members—and in the days to come, we’ll presumably learn more.

One in Twenty DPS Officers Is Female and Other Staggering Texas Law Enforcement Statistics

Police forces often are not as diverse, in terms of gender and race, as the populations they serve—a fact that’s been highlighted when tensions between law enforcement and civilians arise. In Ferguson, Missouri, for example, the fact that the police force in the largely African-American community was 94 percent white generated headlines in the wake of a white officer shooting a black teenager. So how does Texas’s law enforcement measure up?

Is Rick Perry Running as the Liberal in the GOP Primary Field?

The slate of contenders hoping to be the Republican nominee for President in 2016 is as crowded as it gets. The list of already-announced candidates includes Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina, and Marco Rubio,  while the likely additional candidates include Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, Chris Christie, Rick Santorum, Bobby Jindal, and Lindsay Graham.

Plus, of course, there’s former Texas governor Rick Perry, who’s been not-so-subtly testing the waters for a second Presidential run for the past two years, with the three portents being his “serious” new glasses, the end of his historic tenure in Austin, and—uh—we get the feeling we’ve made this joke before

Blanco Mayoral Candidate Is Campaigning on a "Keep Blanco Blanco" Platform

The annals of “horrible campaign slogans” are littered with poor decisions, poorly-marketed ideas, half-hearted attempts to connect, vague nothingburgers of meaningless sentiment, and other such failures. But few are as tragically, hilariously, inadvertently terrible as the slogan that Blanco mayoral candidate Bruce Peele is running with in his current campaign: “Keep Blanco Blanco.”

The #txlege Is Considering Making #Texas the First #State to Have Its Own #OfficialHashtags

The Texas Legislature spends its days debating issues both large and controversial and small and benign. Here is an example of the latter: a House panel has approved a measure to designate three official hashtags for the state, which would be the first official hashtags voted on by a legislature anywhere in the U.S.

The Houston Rockets Fired Their Social Media Manager for Being a Sore Winner

Being a social media manager for a major brand has to be a thankless job: at best, you are crafting inoffensive content for people who enjoy the company for which you work that is likely to engage them for a few seconds before they go on to the next thing. At worst, you—well, you make a huge screwup and you get fired.

Whole Foods Takes a Side in Baltimore

The situation in Baltimore is the sort of divisive, racially charged, political and cultural quagmire that corporations typically dread being associated with. Seemingly everyone has a strong opinion about what’s happening on the ground in the city since the funeral for Freddie Gray—a 25-year-old African American man who died of injuries suffered to his spinal cord and larynx while in police custody earlier this month. Since Gray’s funeral on Monday, the situation in Baltimore has grown tense: amid media reports of riots and images of destruction involving police cars, a check-cashing shop, and a CVS pharmacy, the National Guard has been sent in and a city-wide curfew remains in effect.

El Paso Police Are in Trouble for Making a Super Cool Music Video

These days, it seems like your avenues of self-expression are limited, if you’re a law enforcement officer. You’re not allowed to pose for photos with Snoop Dogg, and—as a handful of El Paso police officers learned—you can’t even shoot a music video for your favorite Canadian rock song. At least not using department equipment and uniforms.


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