Austin Shelter Pronounces SXSW “Homeless Hotspots” a Success

If you'd only ever read about the SXSW "Homeless Hotspots" program when the news first broke on Twitter (via the New York Times' Tumblr) Sunday, you would have thought that it was dreamed up by a giant corporation, which sent its minions around Austin loading vagrants onto flatbed trucks, who were then surgically implanted with 4G Internet devices and forced to stand outside the Austin Convention Center wearing t-shirts that said, "I am a 4G hotspot." 

Only the t-shirt part was true.

What the ‘Tyler Morning Telegraph’ Failed to Tell You about Kerry Max Cook

The Tyler newspaper published a story this morning about Kerry Max Cook and the two motions he filed in a local district court on Tuesday (I wrote about this yesterday). The story was mostly skeptical about Cook’s filings, drawing primarily on one source, one of the men who prosecuted him.

But the paper left a few things out.


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