Highland Park is the Red State Version of Berkeley

Mother Jones' Josh Harkinson dropped by Highland Park, which he dubs the "the most enthusiastically Republican enclave in the country" because 77 percent of all political donations there in 2010 went to GOP candidates and causes. Taken together, the 75205 zip code donates more money ($2.4 million) than "all but four other zips nationwide," Harkinson reported. (Ross Perot's children, the Hunt oil family, Robert Rowling, and Harlan Crow a

Snarky Texas Tumblr Map Goes Viral

The photograph above, from The Inquistr, is called “How Europe Sees the US,” though you could surely make the case that it is also one way Texas sees itself.

The same goes for “Texas According To Texans,” a profane, sarcastic, and NSFW map of the state that went up on its creator’s Tumblr last week and has made its way around the Internet at meme speed (if you’re easily offended just stop reading now). 


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