Cover Edge

One of the best—and the hardest—parts of being a magazine editor is deciding what goes on the cover every month. There is nothing else quite like that little rectangle of real estate. Book jackets and album covers are quiet­er, movie posters are less integral to the product, billboards are more remote. But a magazine cover is a stage unlike any other, conferring a singular status on the person or place that occupies it, setting the tone for everything on the pages that follow.

App in the Heart of Texas

Only a few years ago, the word was understood (if it was used at all) to mean chicken wings or jalapeño poppers or nachos. That time is gone forever. As even the proudest Luddite now knows, an “app” is something you download onto your handheld device or tablet, a helpful and fun piece of software that lets you check the weather or listen to the radio or read the paper or slingshot angry birds at irritating pigs. Apps, especially smartphone apps, appeal to our problem-solving natures.


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