Rather Controversial

Everyone was dying to talk with Dan Rather. So how did Texas Monthly writer Gary Cartwright break from the pack of hungry journalists and satiate his appetite with a one-on-one interview? Common Texas roots, common friends, and common interests didn’t hurt. Now Cartwright talks about the strings he pulled, the lessons he learned, and the future flavor of broadcast journalism.

Dan Rather Retorting

A light snow dusts the sprawling CBS News complex in Hell’s Kitchen, on New York’s West Side, as a figure in a black slouch hat and long trench coat swirls through the Fifty-seventh Street door, bids good cheer to the security guards in the lobby, then vanishes into the bowels of the newsroom: Dan Rather is in top form this morning. He has just returned, after a grueling 44-hour flight, from Southeast Asia, where he presided over CBS News’ coverage of the killer tsunami.

Underneath It All

Photographer Misty Keasler wants you to know about the people she’s met. She wants you to feel the struggle of the young heroin junkies in Plano. She wants you to see the reflection of a twenty-year-old dying from cancer in Lewisville. She wants you to see the light in the eyes of the impoverished orphans in Romania. She wants to make you think.

Bard of the Border

LINCOLN PARK IS GONE. DISAPPEARED. We are rolling along in Oscar Casares’ maroon Toyota Tacoma, searching for the place where a decent portion of his teenage days was spent shooting hoops, flirting with girls, and picking fights now and then. We pass the Lopez Supermarket, the housing project where his first girlfriend lived, the community clinic where sick people spend entire afternoons in waiting rooms.

A Q&A With Hilary Duff

texasmonthly.com: How has your life changed since Lizzie McGuire?

Hilary Duff: My life has changed tremendously, mostly if I trip or spill something I am nervous everyone saw it! There is a lot of privilege as well as responsibility when you are on TV. I have met amazing people like Nelson Mandela and Steven Tyler but I live a very normal life. I do chores around the house and take care of my pets and go to school like all of my friends.


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