Being a Multimedia Journalist

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And That’s The Way It Is

Twice I had the honor—that’s what it was—of interviewing Walter Cronkite. The first time was in September 2003, in the restaurant at the Regency Hotel, in New York, where Mr. Cronkite met me for breakfast and an extended talk about the state of journalism. He was clearly hobbled by various ailments and slowed by age—he was then 86—and he was extremely hard of hearing, a challenge in a loud and crowded room.

Bottoms Up

Meet Natalie “Nate” Cross (Natalie Raitano), a tomboy by breeding (her father taught her to hunt animals when she would have much rather been playing with dolls) who’s now all grown up, with bee-stung lips, a yoga-rific body, a glow-in-the-dark-tattoo-covered back, and a reputation as one of the finest assassins around. In the Internet series Pink, co-created by the Dallas-based team of Blake Calhoun and Mike Maden, an incarcerated Nate strikes a Faustian bargain with the warden (Sheree J.

Charles Kuffner

Take it from us: Print is so not dead, and all these “online journalists” are just a bunch of DIY wannabes without credentials or credibility. Some of them even have an agenda! But Kuff (which is what everyone calls him) is different. More substantive. More authoritative. More, well, like us.


This month, over at Texas Monthly, the magazine, they’re celebrating their thirty-fifth anniversary. Congratulations, print people. Drink up. Because pretty soon, the entire editorial department will be forced into “early retirement,” and I’ll be the last one standing. (I’ve been waiting for Evan Smith’s corner office for far too long.)


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