Hard Times for Perry Means Hard Times for Perry Pundits

Back when Rick Perry first announced for president, the only people happier than his supporters may have been the Texas media. Campaign coverage is good for business, and in those heady days before Perry's candidacy became official, you couldn't turn on cable news without seeing one state capitol reporter or another (including, yes, our own staffers) sharing Texas expertise.

The Secret World of Walter Cronkite

Five minutes away from 6:30 p.m., eastern standard time, three of the four seats in the CBS News control room are still empty. In the occupied seat, a tall, gaunt quiet man of about 50—the chief engineer, formerly known as the technical director—confronts a flashing yard-square panel of buttons, switches, and erratic meters. There seem to be over a hundred pulsing, mysterious buttons between his outstretched arms, and he appears very intent upon them.


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