“I have to believe God sent Larry Hagman on a special mission to earth to test the limits of just how much fun one guy can have in a lifetime.”
Roar of the Crowd

Road Rage

Your forewarning of the last 22 miles of “The Road to Nowhere Drive,” from Marfa to the Chinati Hot Springs, is lacking for even the most adventurous road-tripper [ “Miles and Miles of Texas,” June 2012]. This past April, after years of anticipation, I finally took the drive through Pinto Canyon with a family member. The scenery was phenomenal, unlike anywhere else in Texas, but anyone who heads down the Pinto Canyon Road should be well prepared, taking a day’s worth of water, more than one spare tire (preferably a full set), a satellite phone, overnight bedding, and maybe a meal or two. A high-clearance vehicle is not enough, and as I learned after the fact, even seasoned locals

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