Wild in the Streets

To sound like a wild turkey, do the following: First, clear your throat. Next, hit a note near the top of your vocal range. Then, descend the scale while mimicking the action of gargling and waggle your tongue at the same time. Try not to feel ridiculous. Turkeys never feel ridiculous—of this I’m fairly certain.

Small in the Saddle

Although Western novels started losing readers in the sixties, don’t blame the waning interest on Texas writers, who have since provided the flagging genre some of its best moments. Larry McMurtry’s Lonesome Dove, the 1986 Pulitzer Prize winner, was followed by Cormac McCarthy’s All the Pretty Horses, which won the National Book Award in 1992.

License to Chill


Of all the species that roam the state’s wide-open spaces, the most coveted is the Huntsmanus texanus. Upwards of 1.1 million of these creatures prowl for prime game this time of year, a pursuit as lucrative to the Texas economy as a small Spindletop, pumping in more than $2.1 billion annually. There are about as many hunting leases for a sportsperson to choose from as there are mourning doves to bag and mule deer to stalk.

Revisiting the Family Circus

Some forms of entertainment are so fundamental to our nature that they never completely disappear, but rather, they morph. The circus, for example, wasn’t always a massive, professionally lit, highly produced performance featuring skilled acrobatic companies. The country once supported small, nomadic groups of families who crisscrossed the land doing “mud shows”: illusions and animal tricks. The number of these modest troupes has indisputably dwindled, but this way of life has not totally vanished.

Macy's Campus Shopping Events

Macy’s hosted their campus in-store activation events at the Post Oak location in College Station and at the Houston Galleria. Texas A&M and University of Houston students were shuttled via the Magic Bus to the store to join Macy’s for an exclusive shopping party that included performances by The Aggie Wranglers , Bart Crow, and Spencer Fort. Other activities included mini-manicures, live models, photo booths, a college-themed DIY station, mini-makeovers, a lash bar, and more.

President of Immortal Fun

When Alejandro Rose-Garcia was in Nashville last month to open for the Avett Brothers, he swung by his new business manager’s office to sign some paperwork. Rose-Garcia, who performs as Shakey Graves, emerged from the office as the new president and chief executive of his own touring company, Immortal Fun.


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