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Q: I was born in Austin and have lived here almost my whole life. My wife was born and raised in New Orleans. After we got married, I convinced her to move to Austin. She loves it here, but she suffers so severely from cedar fever every year that she’s begun to talk about relocating to New Orleans. Can you recommend a cure for that pesky pollen? 
Via email, Austin

For Deborah Murphey, Free Living Is Hard Living

In November 2007, four U.S. deputy marshals slipped into Frankston, a small town in East Texas, to arrest a 53-year-old woman named Deborah Murphey. Deborah was a fugitive. Thirty-three years earlier, in 1974, she had escaped from the Georgia Rehabilitation Center for Women, where she had been serving a seven-year prison sentence for participating in an armed robbery of a gas station outside Atlanta.

Primary Lessons

At long last 2014 has arrived, and with it comes the opportunity that all politicians long for: the chance to pursue higher office. For fourteen years, Rick Perry has stood in the way of every wannabe statewide official, and now the mad scramble to climb the political ladder is on as the March primary approaches.

Preview: The Man in the Arena

In 2003, when Ted Cruz was offered the job as Texas’ solicitor general under newly elected attorney general Greg Abbott, he hardly had to think it over. Neither, for that matter, did Abbott. He had never met Cruz before interviewing him for the position, he told me, but on the basis of that conversation, he was sold. “He had a calm brilliance, almost an elegant brilliance,” said Abbott.

Exoneree Anthony Graves Asks the State Bar to Discipline the Man Who Prosecuted Him

Much has happened since we published “Why Was This Prosecutor Never Punished?” on December 18, which questioned why Charles Sebesta—the ex-Burleson County DA responsible for sending Anthony Graves to death row—had never been disciplined by the State Bar of Texas. Specifically, I asked why the state bar had not taken action against Sebesta after the U.S.


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