You Shall Know His Velocity

It’s a Friday evening, and the Shepherd High Pirates are getting ready to play an away game against the Coldspring-Oakhurst Trojans. Over at the bullpen, about a half-dozen pro baseball scouts and a growing number of fans watch as Shepherd’s Tyler Kolek takes his warm-up pitches. The hard-packed dirt crunches as he walks over the mound, which is shaped like a D, its rear side bounded by a chain-link fence and cinder blocks.

The Return of Mike Judge

Remember Friendster? The Palm Treo? Alta Vista? Mike Judge’s work since the animated one-two punch of Beavis and Butthead and King of the Hill was not unlike these relics of the Internet: so far ahead of its time that when America eventually caught up, the biggest checks got cashed by someone else.

Getting to Know Killen's BBQ's New Pitmaster

The Houston barbecue scene got a bit hotter last month with the opening of the highly anticipated Killen’s BBQ. The new Pearland restaurant has attracted hoards of carnivores from near and far with its signature take on hours-long smoked meats and classic home-style sides. What’s more, the Houston haunt recently welcomed former Underbelly cook Patrick Feges as the lead pitmaster.

The Truth About Equal Pay

The biggest substantive debate of this year’s gubernatorial campaign came about as a result of the first bill that President Barack Obama signed into law. That would be the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009, a measure that expanded the window of time workers would have for filing claims if they believed that they had been the victims of illegal wage discrimination.

Is This the Best New American Musical in Years?

You can understand why many audience members attending the opening night performance last week of the Dallas Theater Center’s musical The Fortress of Solitude looked positively bewildered. The show—adapted from Jonathan Lethem’s dense, episodic 2003 novel —features none of the hallmarks of contemporary musical theater: no high-wire special effects, a la Wicked; no gut-busting belly-laughs, a la The Book of Mormon; no bedazzled showgirls kicking up their heels, a la Kinky Boots.

Texas Film Awards

On Thursday, March 6, 2104, the Austin Film Society honored legends of film and television at the annual Texas Film Awards. With the help of sponsors like Texas Monthly, the star-studded evening held at Austin Studios, Stage 7 raised $580,000 for the Austin Film Society's programs that support Texas filmmakers, promote film culture and build a renowned local film community.


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