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The Granada Theatre opened in 1929, when the small town of Plainview was booming. The first train had arrived in 1906, on the Santa Fe Railroad, and waves of settlers followed, drawn to the rich soil of the surrounding plains. Property transactions involved a trip to the nearby Hale County courthouse, and visitors stayed to patronize the local restaurants, hotels, and opera house.

The State of Texas: July 6, 2015

Tweet of the Day

If you peeked at Twitter during the holiday weekend, you may have seen Rick Perry being more manly and more American than any other presidential candidate before or since. The only thing missing is a leather jacket and American flag bandana: 

Longread Monday

The Dallas Morning News has a very interesting history of the Sting Soccer Club, the North Texas team that “for a decade was America’s primary international women’s soccer representative.” While celebrating America’s incredible victory, be sure to read up on the pioneers of that success

Daily Roundup

Alamo, International – The Alamo has always been iconic, even outside of Texas. But now that recognition is official. The Alamo and the surrounding missions in San Antonio have been designated a World Heritage Site by the United Nations. “The site includes the state-owned Alamo, or Mission San Antonio de Valero, and the four federally run missions … that each has an active Catholic parish. It also includes Rancho de las Cabras, nearly 100 acres of federal parkland about 25 miles southeast of the city by the San Antonio River,” notes the San Antonio Express-News. The new world seal of approval is “shared by such outstanding places as the Taj Mahal, Stonehenge and the Grand Canyon,” but it’s a particularly big deal for our state since “the missions are now the only World Heritage Site in Texas, and one of 23 in the U.S.” At least two Democrat leaders like the designation—state representatives Joaquin Castro and Lloyd Doggett—but no word yet on what Donna Campbell thinks. She had, after all, tried to prevent the U.N. overlords from getting their paws on our iconic site.

Fried Jalapeños

Back in my college days, in Atlanta, whenever I got a craving for something Texas-y that didn’t involve Fritos or Wolf Brand Chili, I’d rustle up my roommate and we’d hie down Peachtree Street to LongHorn Steaks, the very first location of a humble concept later gobbled up by the corporate overlords of Olive Garden.

Better Call Hall

You can learn a lot about a guy by co-managing your office’s winless slow-pitch softball team with him. The year was 2002, my partner in the dugout was Michael Hall (pictured), and the team was called the Texas Monthly Fire Ants (slogan: “We bite”). I can tell you this: even in a beer league, it hurts to lose every single game, but no one was more supportive or enthusiastic than Mike.


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