Guv Story

In December 2008 I interviewed Rick Perry over lunch at a small Mexican restaurant in East Austin. We dined on typical Tex-Mex fare, and Perry was in high spirits as he recounted his latest triumph: persuading Caterpillar to move one of its main manufacturing facilities to Seguin. Perry has always been animated when I’ve talked with him, and that afternoon was no different, as he shifted in his chair or tugged on the cuffs of his pants or changed the subject in mid-sentence.

How ‘Bout Them Spurs?

It’s only taken fifteen years, four championships and, starting tonight, a sixth appearance in the NBA Finals, but America has finally fallen for the San Antonio Spurs. Or, maybe the masses just like them more than the Miami Heat.

In any case, this ESPN “SportsNation” poll makes it clear that during these Finals, San Antonio's team is America's team:

Sticking the Landing

Last Tuesday Chase Hawk sat at a wooden table at the Buzzmill bar and coffee house, nursing an amber-hued IPA. “Ten years ago, I’d drink you under the table, stay up all night, and then ride all of the following day,” the 27-year-old professional freestyle BMXer told me.

Texas Wine of the Month: Bending Branch Winery Texas Tannat, 2011

This month's selection, a robust and bold red wine, is produced in the small town of Comfort, Texas, by the Bending Branch Winery. Their Texas Tannat combines a striking mélange of rich color, palate-pleasing tannin, and a balance of dark fruit and rustic earthiness, a well-rounded introduction to a wine made from a lesser-known grape. 

The Wine:
Bending Branch Wnery Texas Tannat 2011. 

8 Texas Beers, Wines, and Spirits Best Enjoyed During Summer

We are entering into summer, a time of year that the rest of the country knows as one of the "four seasons," but what we Texans recognize as a months-long affair to be survived by engaging in one of the traditions we've perfected: backyard barbecues, pool parties, and imbibing cold drinks (doing all three at the same time is what we call the Texas Trifecta). As an assist, here are eight new Texas-made libations perfect for sipping all summer long. 


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