Quesada, Sera

After Grupo Fantasma played a giant free concert at Austin’s Bullock Texas State History Museum in July, the band’s founder, Adrian Quesada, kept hearing from fans congratulating him on the gig. “A guy at a party the next night told me how amazing we were. And I said, ‘Were you there? Because I wasn’t. And you didn’t notice?’ ” 

Five Things You’ll Be Talking About in December

1. Romo Agonistes

You remember Danny White, don’t you? He had the misfortune to replace Roger Staubach as the Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback after the beloved number 12 retired with two Super Bowl victories. Though White broke numerous Cowboys records—for passing yards in a season, for touchdown passes in a season, for completions in a season—he never led the team back to the big game.

Cormac Relief

Movies don’t come much more anticipated than The Counselor,a twisty tale of drug dealing and backstabbing along the Texas border written by Cormac McCarthy, directed by Ridley Scott, and starring Brad Pitt, Cameron Diaz, Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem, and Michael Fassbender. Yet what on paper sounded like a sure thing turned out to be this fall’s most crushing disappointment.

The Verdict

Brian D. Sweany: I was interviewing former state senator Florence Shapiro in 2004 when Governor Perry appointed you to be chief justice. She was thrilled when she heard the news and thought you were a terrific choice. Obviously you had already been on the Supreme Court, but take me back to that moment and tell me what your expectations were for yourself as chief justice. How did you envision leading the court?

No Place Like Home

Fifty-five-year-old Rosie Sanders has lived on the streets for around forty years, except for brief periods, like when she shared a bedbug-infested Dallas apartment with her long-lost invalid son. Even then she considered herself homeless, since for Sanders, homelessness is as much a state of mind as a matter of whether there’s a roof over her head. Wherever she is staying, she knows that she has no home.

Spun City

On the last morning of his life, John F. Kennedy awoke beneath Vincent Van Gogh’s Road With Peasant Shouldering a Spade, an atypically placid landscape by an artist known for his agitated imagery. Along with an assortment of fifteen other paintings and small sculptures by big names such as Monet, Picasso, and Henry Moore, the Van Gogh had been installed in the Kennedys’ suite just hours before their arrival at Fort Worth’s Hotel Texas.

Suffer, Dude

Matthew McConaughey has been on perhaps the least-expected tear in Hollywood history, serving up, in less than two years, fearlessly nervy or affecting turns in movies such as Bernie, Killer Joe, Magic Mike, The Paperboy, and Mud. After seeming out of his depth for so long (remember Amistad? Frailty? The unholy calamity that was Sahara?), McConaughey today steals scenes from the award-winning likes of Shirley MacLaine and Nicole Kidman.

Claus Pummer, Sleep Coach

Formally trained as a furniture maker, Pummer, a native of Frankfurt, Germany, began specializing in bed frames in 1998. His research into bed-design principles led him to a sleep psychology institute in Austria, where he soon became certified as a sleep coach. Today, in addition to owning a home furnishings showroom in Dallas’s Design District, he offers in-home consultations on how to attain the best sleep possible. 


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