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Bill’s Bar-B-Q

2009: In addition to barbecue, Mexican food options are available at this mom-and-pop place—and let’s hope it’s their specialty. A large opening in the wall allows a look into the kitchen, and my eyes were stung before I was even able to take a bite. Right in front of me the “pitmaster” unfoiled a cold and gray half-slab of ribs and placed it in Tupperware in order to bathe it in sauce before it reached the microwave to be further decimated. I took a single bite of this baked meat and nearly spat it out after flashbacks of my school cafeteria. Brisket was at least edible. It’s hard to screw up a cheap piece of meat that is well seasoned and sits for hours in a crock pot. The cut may technically be brisket, but monochromatic roast beef is what shows up on the plate. If barbecue is what you crave, then this place is not the destination. Head down the street to Soda Springs on Clifford, and thank me for steering you away.

City: White Settlement



Address: 600 N. Las Vegas Trl, White Settlement, TX

Hours: Open Mon-€“Sat 6-€“6. Closed Sun.

Phone: 817-246-3961

Last updated: May 3, 2013