Corner Table

Longtime chef-restaurauteur Bruce Molzan is hoping to breathe life into the old, often shuttered Brownstone complex. Private-party venues augment the smallish dining area, whose menu offers burgers, pizzas, and even “paleo” dishes, as in the unprocessed foods “our ancestors would have eaten.” We doubt they would have recognized the Paleo Buffalo Wings, and neither did our table’s one-time resident of that fair city. We did much better with pork-and-duck-confit spring rolls with honey mustard miso and an avocado and lump crab tower, a huge mound of pristine crab with a citrus-chile reduction. Service is unfortunately amateurish.

City: Houston


Drinks: Bar

Price: $$-$$$


Address: 2736 Virginia, Houston, TX, 77098

Hours: L & D Mon–Sat.

Phone: 713-568-9196


Last updated: April 9, 2013