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Papa Joe’s Backyard BBQ

2011: When we arrived on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, it seemed that word hadn’t really gotten out about the opening. During our hour-long meal, there were only two other tables occupied. We ordered a little of everything, and took our seats. I dove into the crusty and smoky ribs that featured a heavy rub and plenty of good smoke. The meat was tender and moist—easily the best protein option. The Southern Pride smokers here didn’t get much smoke on the brisket, which tasted of little more than simple roast beef. The moist slices were still pleasing with that rub and even better with a bit of the house sauce. Sausage links were also light on the smoke but had a great black pepper bite. The casings snapped nicely, and the flavor was great if unfamiliar. Rubbery skin was quickly discarded from the chicken leg quarter to get right to the moist chunks of smoky meat. Skip the banana pudding, which features the acidic taste of fake banana flavoring.

City: Dallas



Address: 1233 Newport Ave, Dallas, TX

Hours: Open Thur & Fri 5-€“9, Sat 11-€“9, Sun 11-€“8. Closed Mon-€“Wed.

Phone: 214-941-4092

Website: www.papajoesbackyardbbq.com

Last updated: May 3, 2013