Pro-Russian Ukrainian Separatists Are Aligning Themselves with Texas Secessionists

What do Texas, Scotland, Ukraine, Catalonia, and other regions have in common? A not insignificant number of separatists. And this commonality is giving rise to surprising bedfellows. 

Take for instance, a new alliance between pro-Putin separatists in Ukraine and our own brand of local secessionists. Newsweek reports that the Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR) is seeking to create a “League of New Nations” that brings together separatists from Texas, Ukraine, Scotland, the Basque region of Spain, Venice, and Flanders in Belgium—and apparently the Texans that Alexander Kofman, the  DNR’s foreign minister, has reached out to are into the idea: 

“We already have agreement from representatives of these states,” Kofman said, arguing the only reason such a meeting has not yet happened is out of fear the movements will make it easier for political opponents to attack them at once.

The interviewer took particular interest to the mention of Texas and asked Kofman whether there were indeed “seeds of support for DNR in Texas.”

“They are more than seeds. The representative of Texan independence fully supports the Donetsk People’s Republic,” Kofman responded, although he didn’t identify the representative.

A Gun Rights Organization Staged a Re-Enactment of the "Charlie Hebdo" Shooting

Regardless of how you feel about their cartoons, no one has argued that the murder of 12 people in the offices of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo is anything less than a tragedy. But aside from the debate of whether we should all be proud to declare “Je Suis Charlie” or not, another question has emerged here in Texas: How would the cartoonists and editors at the French magazine have fared if they’d all been armed?

A Whataburger Customer Gave The Lady At The Drive Thru A $10,000 Mink Coat

‘Tis the season for kindness and generosity toward strangers, absolutely. And sometimes that kindness and generosity toward strangers is a bit more, shall we say, random and weird than other times. 

Take, for example, the story of a woman who, while in Liberty (between Houston and Beaumont) last week, drove thru the local Whataburger while picking up breakfast. This woman—identified by ABC 13 only as “Nadine”—was passing through in her $10,000 mink coat when the woman working the window, Cheryl Semien, complimented her on her style. Moments later, Nadine removed the coat, slid it through the window, and told Semien that if she liked it so much, she should keep it.

The Alamo Drafthouse Is Showing 'Team America: World Police' in Place of Canceled Screenings of Sony's 'The Interview'

(UPDATE: Paramount reportedly declined to offer Team America to Alamo Drafthouse, which planned to show the 2004 satire in place of The Interview.

The Interview is probably a terrible movie. At the very least, it’s unlikely to bring much of value into the world: A stoner comedy starring James Franco and Seth Rogen, based on the stupid premise that the two are journalists who agree to assassinate North Korean president Kim Jong-un during an interview with the leader. The movie cost Sony a reported $44 million to make; it’s hard to imagine a scenario in which it would do much more than make back its budget under any circumstance.

But the current circumstance for The Interview is unique: After hackers with reported ties to North Korea stole countless documents (and a handful of forthcoming films) from the Sony servers and gave them to the press, the studio reeled as private information belonging to their employees, including medical records and social security numbers, leaked around the Internet. 

After An Open Carry Tarrant County Member Was Charged With Shooting Her Husband And His Daughter, All Sides Of The Gun Debate Got Ugly

Last week, Veronica Dunnachie of Arlington was arrested at Millwood Hospital in Arlington on charges of capital murder. The 35-year-old, police say, drove herself to the mental health facility after fatally shooting her husband and her 20-year-old stepdaughter. 

The facts of the story are bleak. Dunnachie had filed for divorce from her husband, 50-year-old Russ Dunnachie, in October, according to the Dallas Morning News. On Wednesday afternoon, however, she allegedly shot him and his daughter, Kimberly Dunnachie, then called a friend, who convinced her to drive to Millwood Hospital, where police took her into custody, the DMN reported

Oil Field Worker in Odessa Looking For Homeless Lady For Indentured Servitude and "Bedroom Fun" on Craigslist

Working in the oil fields can make a fella lonely, we’re sure. It’s long hours, dirty work, and a whole lot of male company. If you’re a straight guy who pulls 18-hour days in the fields, we suspect that finding a lady friend to unwind with at the end of the day is both a high priority and, because of the restrictions on your time, very difficult.

A “mid-20’s” oil worker in Odessa came up with a novel solution to the crisis of loneliness that #DerrickLife brings: Post a Craigslist ad to find a young lady of his fancy to spend time with! 

Census Maps Show How Income Concentration Has Shifted in Texas

If you live in Big D, it’s relatively well known that South Dallas is a less wealthy part of the city than North Dallas. Or if you call the capital city home, you know that East Austin has historically been poorer than the west side of the city. But when the San Antonio Express-News mined Census data from 1990, 2000, and 2012 to track the way that wealth and income distribution in various Texas cities has changed during the state boom of the past couple of decades, we learned some fascinating things.

The methodology used by the Express-News is explained here:

Black Friday Is Gonna Be a Big Day in Texas

Black Friday comes but once a year—the day when, all over America, shoppers looking for incredible bargains on consumer electronics and other must-have items that can only be afforded if they show up at Walmart at 5 p.m. on Thanksgiving (as “Black Friday,” increasingly, begins on Thursday night). And while we can anticipate, say, hastily-shot videos popping up on YouTube of people tearing each other apart for the chance to obtain a 50-inch television for $200, there are interesting preparations going around throughout the state of Texas—from the top to the very bottom—in anticipation of this year’s Black Friday festivities. 

A Taylor Woman Who Raised $4,500 on GoFundMe for a Family She Didn't Know Was Arrested for Fraud

When Jessica Rodriguez, of Taylor, died of complications a few days after giving birth to her third child, it left her partner, Moses Perez, in more than one horrible situation. In addition to losing the mother of his children as the two were planning their wedding, he also has to pay her medical bills and funeral costs. 


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