Ted Nugent Will Be Speaking at a League City Event For Veterans, Which Means Controversy Has Already Ensued

The fact that just seeing the words "Ted Nugent" tends to stir strong feelings in the reader probably the best thing in Ted Nugent's life right now—except maybe for the chance to play "Stranglehold" to a screaming audience whenever he wants, or perhaps going bow-hunting. Still, to say that the Motor City Madman enjoys courting controversy would be an understatement. 

Houston History For Sale: $5

I don’t usually respond to email invitations from people I don’t know, but the invite from Judy Robinson, who runs one of Houston’s A-list estate sale companies, was hard to resist: “Estate Sale from the Houston Residence of the late Mildred Yount Manion II, Heiress from an Important Texas Oil Family and Kentucky’s Famous Spindletop Horse Farm.”


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